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Mengenal Sejarah dan Cikal Bakal Multimedia di Museum

Pada musim panas 1992, sekelompok profesional di bidang museum melakukan pertemuan the International Council of Museums (ICOM) triennial meeting di Quebec City, Kanada memulai diskusi berkelanjutan tentang potensi penggunaan data multimedia dalam dokumentasi museum. Awalnya,

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Kekuatan Multimedia Museum Dalam Menarik Banyak Pengunjung

Multimedia adalah kombinasi dari dua atau lebih media yang berbeda. Multimedia memanfaatkan komputer untuk menyimpan, menggabungkan, mengambil, dan menyajikan informasi

The Humble Wooden Desk

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Live The Design Process

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We are the one that to have prepared a modern, multimedia exhibition that will satisfy the most demanding guests. Instead of the traditional exhibits on display with a glass window, we offer a unique journey in time, possible with presentations with sound, light and video.

The Multimedia incentives interact ideally, affecting all the senses of the visitors, transferring them to the exciting world of fairy tales which intertwine with live science.

Multimedia and modern technologies are used to tell the story of the Ruins, meaning of the location, mysterious legend, and we will present, among others, how people have to know about the past and history.

Why Work With Us


For the first time let we tell you about the museum that we “touch” and implement our technological skills :
1. BPK Museum
2. BI Museum

With this experience, let us know about your passion.

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If you have an enquiry regarding an exciting new project, or would like to discuss any future projects you may have in mind, feel free to drop us a mail. Equally, if you are just passing by and simply want to say hello, then you are more than welcome. Thanks for visiting Multimedia Museum !!

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